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ABN 64 134 983 761

I trained as a cardiologist in Auckland, New Zealand, specialising in cardiac ultrasound (also called echocardiography).

I completed a Masters of Medical science, where I developed an interest in heart failure, which is a common cardiac condition which accounts for more hospital beds occupied in Australia than any other medical condition. Over the next 5 years I completed a Doctorate in Philosophy examining the use of a blood test for a heart protein, called B-type Natriuretic Peptide, for the diagnosis in heart failure. I moved to Sydney in 2004 to work as a Cardiology Fellow at St Vincent’s hospital, specialising in cardiac echocardiography. I then worked at St George Hospital as a cardiologist, before returning to New Zealand where I worked as a cardiologist at Middlemore and Greenlane Hospitals for two years. I returned permanently to Sydney in 2009 when I joined Pennisula Cardiology. I also work as a cardiologist at Hornsby Kuring Gai hospital and the Sydney Adventist Hospital, and I am a Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Sydney.

I am involved with “Operation Heart International”, visiting Suva Hospital and several other hospitals in Fiji each year to run cardiac clinics. I am also mum to Harry, aged 13. I live on the Northern Beaches and enjoy swimming, cooking, gardening and reading in my spare time.

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