Timeline and History

Peninsula Cardiology has been a cornerstone of cardiac care on the Northshore and Northern Beaches of Sydney for over four decades.


Dr. David Grout

Established in 1981 by cardiologist Dr. David Grout, Peninsula Cardiology has grown from humble beginnings into a renowned practice serving the Northshore and Northern Beaches of Sydney. Initially operating from two addresses in Dee Why (Seascape Building, Fisher Road) and Avalon (above the State Building Society), the practice flourished under the leadership of Dr. Grout and later welcomed Dr. Tom Gavaghan in 1983, expanding its expertise and reach.


Dr. Tom Gavaghan

Over the decades, Peninsula Cardiology evolved with advancements in cardiac care, establishing itself as a leading provider in the region. Dr. Thomas Gavaghan’ s pioneering work as an interventional cardiologist, including involvement in early angioplasty procedures, laid the foundation for the practice’s reputation for excellence.


Tahni Harvey 

Peninsula Cardiology’s longest-serving staff member joins the practice, symbolizing the dedication of its team members.


Expanding its footprint to institutions like the Sydney Adventist Hospital and Mater Hospital, Peninsula Cardiology continued to elevate standards of care.

The addition of locations such as Mona Vale (Delmege Building, Level 5), which led to the closure of the Avalon rooms and opening of the Peninsula Cardiology Centre in Dee Why, offering a range of cardiac tests and services, further solidified its commitment to comprehensive cardiology services.


Dr. Masami Miyashita 

He joins Peninsula Cardiology, bringing his extensive training and expertise in diagnostic imaging and stress echocardiography.

Throughout its journey, Peninsula Cardiology has been fortunate to welcome exceptional talent, each contributing to the practice’s esteemed reputation.


Dr. Peter Illes  

He joins Peninsula Cardiology, enriching the practice with his experience in cardiac interventions and pacemakers.


The practice adopts the name “Peninsula Cardiology,” reflecting over two decades of dedicated service to the Northshore and Northern Beaches communities and its commitment to cardiac services.

Additionally, the practice opens its rooms at the Sydney Adventist Hospital, in the SAN Clinic, further expanding and solidifying its presence in the region and improving access for patients on the upper and lower Northshore.


Dr. Cathie Forster


Dr. Susan Wright


Dr. Dylan Wynne

Over the years, the team continued to grow as we welcomed further exceptional cardiology expertise. The collective aptitude of Peninsula Cardiology strengthens the practice’s partnerships with top-tier healthcare institutions, elevating standards in cardiac ultrasound, patient care, and pioneering advancements in coronary angiography and specialised interventional procedures.


Peninsula Cardiology assumes a pivotal role in strategic planning of cardiology services at the Northern Beaches Hospital, culminating in the opening of the Peninsula Cardiology rooms within the Specialist Consulting Suites (Suite 13) on Level 6.

Several new cardiologists joined the team between 2018 – 2023 including:

• Dr. Harry Klimis
• Dr. Arvind Iyer
• Dr. Claire Irving
• Dr Samia Kazi
• Associate Professor Saurabh Kumar


  • Dr. Peter Illes departs Peninsula Cardiology, marking the conclusion of his significant contributions to the patient care at our practice.
  • Dr. Tom Gavaghan retires from clinical practice after 30 years of dedicated service, leaving behind a remarkable legacy of excellence and innovation.

With gratitude to the visionary leaders of the past and optimism for the future, Peninsula Cardiology remains steadfast in its mission to serve the community, providing specialized care, diagnostic tests, treatment, and long-term patient support.

“If I have seen further, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants” – Isaac Newton, 1675

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