What is a Home Apnoea Monitor?

A Sleep Apnoea Monitor is a small device which is used to measure chest movement, oxygen saturation and pulse, nasal flow and snoring over an eight hour period while you sleep in your own bed in familiar surroundings. It is a simple, effective method of diagnosing Sleep Apnoea.

Patients appreciate being able to do the test while sleeping in the comfort of their own bed in familiar surroundings.

Why is a Home Apnoea Monitor done?

Sleep Apnoea is a condition which causes constant breathing disturbances while the sufferer sleeps. The airways become blocked, causing the patient to struggle to breathe or even stop breathing during sleep. It can lead to high blood pressure, rhythm problems, heart disease and stroke.

How should I prepare for a Home Apnoea Monitor?

  • There is no special preparation for a Sleep Apnoea Monitor.
  • Take your usual medications and please bring a list of your medications and your referral.

What is involved?

  • ¬†You need to come to Peninsula Cardiology Centre to be fitted for the belts around your chest and abdomen, which you will wear overnight, we will show you how to put the bands on and we will program the Monitor so it turns itself on at your anticipated bedtime.
  • You will wear 3 belts over your pyjamas.One holds the compact, lightweight monitor.The Monitor runs on batteries and therefore, requires no external power source.
  • The other two belts around your abdomen and your chest measure the movement as you breathe.
  • A small device on your finger measures your oxygen saturation and pulse.
  • You will have tubing in your nostrils to measure nasal flow and snoring.
  • You can get out of bed at night and move around, without having to detach wires.

How long will it take?

It takes about 15 minutes for us to adjust the chest bands for you, show you how to put on the bands and program the Monitor. You wear the Monitor for 8 hours overnight. The next day you need to return the Monitor to reception at Peninsula Cardiology Centre.

Does it hurt?

The procedure is not painful, however, you may find the tubing in your nostrils uncomfortable and you will not be able to sleep lying on your stomach. The use of the Monitor is safe, it is lighweight and quite compact.

When will my referring GP get the report?

The data is downloaded and analysed and a report prepared. Your General Practitioner will receive the report by mail. They are usually mailed out within a week of the test. Urgent reports can be faxed directly to your General Practitioner.

How soon can I get an appointment?

Patients can usually obtain an appointment at Peninsula Cardiology Centre for a Home Apnoea Monitor within a week.