What is a 7 day Event Recorder?

An Event Recorder is a small device, no larger than a mobile phone, which is worn for between 1 and 3 weeks to record heart rhythms. You wear the Event Recorder throughout the test : it is easy and painless.

Why is a 7 day Event Recorder done?

Your General Practitioner may request this test if you suffer palpitations (where your heart beats excessively or abnormally), to determine if your heart goes “too fast” or “too slow”, to investigate dizziness, light-headedness or blackouts, to test the effects of some cardiac medications or if you have a known cardiac condition.

It is often hard to pick up an unusual heart rhythm unless it occurs when you are at your Doctor’s rooms or the hospital. Hopefully, by wearing the Event Recorder for a longer period you will be able to record your heart rythms when you experience symptoms.

How should I prepare for a 7 day Event Recorder?

You wear the Event Recorder continuously for a 1 to 3 week period, taking it off whilst showering.

  • Please do not use cream or talc on your chest area on the days of wearing the recorder.
  • Please bring your referral.